The proportion of Internet users who go online with a tablet or smartphone is already very large and will continue to increase. The way to play has changed a lot with the apps and that also affects casino slots online free no download games. Since the already established download softwares and instant games do not work on mobile devices, first their own apps had to be developed. However, the casinos have started relatively late and so the mobile game selection does not reach the extent as on the PC – which mobile casino has the best offer yet?


Overall, NetBet has the best mobile casino. The game selection is not the biggest, but with over 200 mobile games is still above average. You can also play the million jackpots of all major providers, including the Age of the Gods Jackpots. For this the web application for the browser is suitable for all common operating systems.


As you can see from this overview, there are already quite big differences in the apps of the individual online casino australia. Some have not only a web browser application but also downloadable programs for Android and iPhone / iPad, some have very limited game offerings and others have no live dealer games. The game offer is indeed the most important, but not the only criterion that makes a good casino app.


That’s what a good mobile casino is all about!

Comparing mobile casino games puts the number of games first, but there are other criteria to watch out for. In the following I would therefore like to look at the operation and clarity, on the advantages and disadvantages of the web version and download apps, as well as the availability of play money and real money games list.


How big is the game selection of the individual providers?


As already mentioned, the game selection is not only the most important factor in the comparison of the apps, but in the following overview one also sees that individual casinos are superior to others. An excellent casino on the desktop does not have to be good on the phone. If you want to play on the phone or tablet, you should be aware of which games you really want to play – only then you can choose from this table for the appropriate provider.

As you can see in the general comparison to the games, in most casinos only a fraction of the game offer is available on mobile devices. BetVictor has in the direct comparison of the apps by far the largest game selection, but even at 888 is already a large part of the games available for mobile – even if this is comparably low in absolute terms. In addition to the number of games, the Microgaming casinos are also very good, but there are still no live games and it can only be played in the mobile browser.


What differences are there in the operation and clarity?

In the development of mobile software, the casinos of course had to adjust the operation to the devices. On the one hand, all elements must now be able to be reached safely and reliably with the finger instead of the mouse pointer; at the same time, all games and information on the small displays must be clearly visible and clearly arranged. The following video shows some examples of how well (or badly) some casinos have done this.


As you can see, there are not really big differences in the apps, only InterCasino makes it a little too cumbersome for itself. But the real problem of Inter is solely the meager range of games.

Download vs Web Portal – where are the differences?

In the mobile casinos you will find both real apps to download and versions that run like the famous instant games directly in the browser. The games are available at all casino providers in the browser, but many casinos do not offer download apps. This has various reasons. For one, there is still confusion as to how the stores of Google, Apple and Windows treat programs with real money games. Occasionally one reads in the specialized press of various tools, which were removed from the store for various reasons, so that the web portals of the casinos represent an always attainable alternative.


In addition, developing a native app is more time consuming than a mobile-friendly website. Since the game in the Browser for the reasons mentioned above anyway needs to be developed, a download app is only an additional alternative. For the players, however, a real application is a bit more user-friendly. Especially the start of the games is much easier. While you can start them directly with a click on the icon, you must first open the browser in a web app and there to call the bookmark for the casino website or enter the URL directly.


In the operation itself, the differences are rather small. The games are divided into categories, which you can usually overlook quickly. You can scroll with the familiar swipe gestures and a game is called up with a simple click. For the games themselves, the skill is to represent both the game and the options. In slot machines, these are the stakes, the number of paylines or the car game. In addition, some providers have already improved existing games in the operation. This can usually be seen in the title “Touch”.


Can the mobile games also be tried for free?

The purpose of these mobile casino apps is of course the game for real money, so there is still the problem of availability in the app stores. At the same time, gambling only around play money in the stores is no problem at all – so the question is justified. In most cases you can play the games for free. Here, however, there are different approaches at the casinos. While you can always switch between real money and play money in some providers, this is not so easy with other casinos. For example, if you want to play for real money at InterCasino you have to be logged in, but if you want to try a game for free, you have to log out. A few casinos do not offer free games on mobile devices at all, which I personally find very intrusive.


Are there any bonus offers for smartphones and tablet users?

Of course, if you play with a casino app, you do not have to give up the welcome bonus. Once you sign up, you can claim your bonus with a deposit from the mobile device as well. Special bonus offers for mobile users are the exception rather than the rule – but there are such bonuses. Unfortunately, our Top10 have no such bonus on offer, but you get like everyone else a huge welcome bonus.


But if you want to have a little extra gift for the start, maybe the offer of All Slots Casino is for you. Here you get as a newly registered player a 5 € start gift, if you try the mobile games. You can even win real money. Of course, there are also terms and conditions for this offer, especially how you can pay off the profits. But you’ll find out more on the bonus page in the bonus conditions section.


Compatibility and minimum requirements

With the compatibility one must differentiate whether it concerns a Web application or a native app. If you download an app, it depends solely on the operating system, if this program can be installed and used. Since the web app runs in the browser, it also depends on the browser, whether the required minimum requirements are met. In the following table you will find the minimum requirements for the download versions.


In general, one can say that the applications presented here work with most reasonably modern smartphones and tablets. Restrictions mostly exist with Windows Phones and Blackberries. If there is often only the possibility to play in the browser, but even that is not always possible.